SERENDIPITY - Full Castle Take-Over

Couples Intimacy


FAQ for Serendipity Couples Intimacy Retreat


Is this a full Castle take-over?

Yes! A full Castle takeover means that all the guests on the castle are there for the Serendipity Couples Intimacy Retreat.


How many couples will participate?

There will be a maximum of 27 couples participating.

The Castle has a total of 46 rooms/suites, but it will not be fully booked to ensure that it becomes a intimate group.


Is this a couples only event?

Yes. There will only be couples signing up.

Some of the Sexperts or assistants might be there alone.


What’s included?

Transportation from Copenhagen to the Castle in a bus (2.5 hours)

Selected Suite or Room

Full Board: Breakfast buffet, Lunch incl. 1 gl. wine/beer/soda, Afternoon coffee & cake, 3 course Dinner incl. 3 gl. wine/beer/soda

Free Wii-fi (might be a bit slow)

PlayShop/Workshop program

Evening program with exercise and Free fall party


What’s NOT included?

Drinks (besides 1 gl. for lunch and 3 gl. for dinner)


What about flights to Copenhagen?

Transportation / Flights to and from Copenhagen are not included.


What about transportation from Copenhagen to the Castle?

There will be arranged a Tour Bus going to and from the Castle.

It is also possible to book own means of transportation.


Are there any organized tours before the event?

Yes. There will be optional activities in Copenhagen, for those who choose to arrive in the week-end before the event. The cost of these activities are extra.

The pre-event includes stay at Hotel Admiral in Copenhagen. 

See details for Pre-event here


Do I have to participate in the PlayShops / activities / evening program?

All activities are optional, but there is a red tread throughout the event and it is highly recommended to attend all the activities. The aim is to create a feeling of being part of a Tribe / group and get to know each other.


Do I have to be naked?

You do not have to be naked, but you will most likely want to be naked for some of the Playshop or the evening activities.


Will others be naked?

Yes, there will most likely be naked people during the event.


Will there be sexual activities in public?

There will be a dedicated room for the PlayShops and evening program, where any sexual activities will take place (besides your own room).


Do I have to play with others than my partner?

No, you do not have to play with others, unless you like to. There will be some PlayShops where non-sexual touch will be part of the exercise. You will at any time have the option to pass, stop or pause the participation of any part of an exercise or activity.


Will it only be Swinger couples?

No, but the event is most suitable for adventurous couples with some experience in the Lifestyle. The majority of the couples will have some experience with the Lifestyle.


Is it only for Full Swap couples?

No, but the event is most suitable for soft swap or full swap couples.


Can we participate if we don’t play with others?

Yes, you can participate, but the event is most suitable for couples that play with others.


What about consent?

There will be a high emphasize on Consent during the whole event.


What if I get emotional challenged during the Event?

There will be an Emotional support team, available for questions and talks, if anyone should be challenged during the event.


Will there be option for dancing during the Event?

Even though the Event is focused on PlayShops and less on party, there will still be music and options for dancing during the Event.

Will there be theme nights?

Yes, some of the evenings will have a theme, but there is no obligation to dress up in the theme. The themes will be annonced later.


Who are the other participants?

The other participants are all couples who are adventurous and have some experience in the Lifestyle.


Is there an age limit?

Yes, all participants have to be above 25. There is no upper limit.

The majority of the participants are expected to be around 35-60 years of age.


When do I have to pay?

There is a 25% non-refundable deposit payable at time of reservation.

There is a 25% non-refundable installment 5 month before the Retreat.

There is a 50% non-refundable installment 3 month before the Retreat.


Cancellation policy follows the payment plan.



What if I have to cancel my participation?

Cancellations can only be done in writing. Please send an e-mail to info@passionatelifestyletravel.com


The deposit is non-refundable.

25% cancellation fee* if the cancellation is more than 5 month before the Retreat.

50% cancellation fee* if the cancellation is more than 3 month before the Retreat.

  0% refund if the cancellation is less than 3 month before the Retreat.


*Calculated as a % of the full price incl. deposit.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend that you purchase a Travel Insurance to cover potential Trip cancellation or Medical Expenses. Please note thats the payments are non-refundable also in case of cancellation. 

We recommend Travel Insured – Get a quote and buy insurance
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