Exploring Your Fantasies

Exploring Your Fantasies!

31. December 2023

The New Year is often a time for making New Year Resolutions about what you would like to change or accomplish in the new year. Why not make the New Year Resolution about fulfilling fantasies? Fantasies are a powerful way to explore your sexuality and connect with your partner.

You can start by creating a list of your fantasies. From early on when we met each other, we created 3 lists of fantasies – Her Fantasies, His Fantasies, and Our Fantasies.

The lists contained all kind of fantasies – romantic, kinky, small, big, realistic, unrealistic..

When thinking about your fantasies, let go of any limitations or judgments like
“it will never happen that I can…”, “I would not be able to…..” or
“my partner would not like/allow, me to……”. It is your opportunity to dream big.

And remember, fantasies are just that - imaginations that don't define who you are.
If you eg. have a fantasy of being a Call Girl, it does not make you a Call Girl,
if you play out that fantasy for a night.

Some fantasies may remain as exciting thoughts, while others might turn into thrilling roleplays.

Create asafe and non-judgmental space with your partner, encouraging open dialogue when you share your fantasies and create the lists. Your partner might share a fantasy that you do not feel drawn to, but embrace your loved one and acknowledge the fantasy. Perhaps you can say “it’s sounds like an interesting fantasy – but I can feel that I’m not drawn to being a part of living it out”.

Use your fantasy list as inspiration you can pick from, not a rigid checklist. As with New Year's resolutions, not all fantasies may come true and it is not all fantasies that you would like to come true, but they can provide a roadmap for exploration in your relationship.

We invite you to embark on this journey of self-discovery and connection by creating yourfantasy list. We promise that the process will spark intriguing conversations and passionate moments.

If you would like guidance to make a set-up fulfilling fantasies, reach out to us. We have plenty of experience in fulfilling fantasies – both for ourself and for others.


Wishing you Passion, Play and Pleasure!

Claus & Katrine