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Sex'ucational PlayShops

Would you like to add new flavors and spices to your sexual life or offer it to your customers?

We provide a wide range of sex'ucational PlayShops which can always be suited for your specific wishes. We are happy to travel abroad and host PlayShops.

We have extensive experience within the swinger lifestyle and have educated ourselves within Sexual Deconditioning, Japanese Bondage, Domination, Impact Play, Ritual Magic, Tantra, Tantramassage and Full Body Energy Orgasm. We are sexy, fun, outspoken and charming.

We have hosted sex'ucational PlayShops on Lifestyle Cruises, in Resorts, at Hotel Takeovers and in private settings.

Our Sex'ucational PlayShops are SEXY, PLAYFUL and EDUCATIONAL and we create a relaxed and safe atmosphere. The PlayShops are a mixture of lecture, demonstration and guided try-out.

We offer Sex'ucational PlayShops in the following subjects:

 Orgasmic Meditation

Introduction to Japaneese Bondage

Squrting Orgasm

Introduction to BDSM

How to lick a Pussy

Games of Fantasies

Each of the PlayShops are described below.


Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice that combines the power and attention of meditation with the deeply felt and connected experience of orgasmic waves.

OM is conducted as a 15-minute, partnered consciousness practice where a person strokes the clitoris of woman for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel sensation.

The 15-minute exercise is supplemented with introduction and Q&A.

Agenda for the PlayShop:

•Introduction to Orgasmic Meditation

•The set-up – building the nest

•15 min OM exercise

•5 min framing/sharing of experience



Want to play with ropes and prefer that she is “Tied up” instead of being “Up tight”?

Get an introduction to the difference between restraining for sex

and sensual Japanese Bondage.

Japanese Bondage is an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage, that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. It can be both highly meditative and very intimate and sexy.

Agenda for the PlayShop:

•What is Japanese Bondage and how was it developed

•Difference between restraining your partner for sex and Japanese Bondage

•Why play with Japanese Bondage

•Which ropes to use

•Safety when playing with ropes

•Different styles within Japanese Bondage

•Demonstration of different styles

•Try out some basic knots


Would you like to learn how to give Squirting Orgasm or would you like to try to get one?

Are you curious about what a squirting orgasm is and the technique behind it?

Squirting orgasms can be very strong and deep - and so much fun to play with.

95% of all women can squirt - if their partner knows the right technique.

Agenda for the PlayShop:

•The physiology of the woman

•The different types of female orgasms

•Squirting orgasms in a historical perspective

•The glands producing the fluid

•The technique behind squirting orgasms

•Demonstration of the technique


•Try out on own partner


Exited about BDSM but not sure about how to make her go “Uhmmm” instead of  “Ouuuch”? Get an introduction to BDSM and how to play with the different elements of Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism, including how to clarify boundaries and play safely.

Agenda for the PlayShop:

•The different subgroups within BDSM

•How to clarify boundaries and play safely, including use of safe words

•How to create a safe and loving space for your submissive

•How to read your play partner – taking them to the edge but not over

•How to enhance your partners senses

•How to play with Domination & Submission – verbally and physically

•Demo of the use of ropes for fixation and a few basics of Japanese bondage

•Demo of the use of toys for impact play (hands, whips, canes and floggers)


Always loved to play with that beautiful flower?

Improve your licking skills and lick her out of her senses.

This PlayShop gives an introduction to the anatomy of the pussy and how to lick it best

- including how to communicate and guide your partner.

 Agenda for the PlayShop:

•Introduction to the pussy

•How to lick a pussy

•How to communicate

•60 min playtime



This PlayShop is the most daring and sexy, where  the participants can throw their

sexual fantasy into the Wish Pond and see if someone would like to serve the wish.

There is no limit to what you can wish for……it could be Sensual massage,  a Threesome,

Girl on Girl or to be dominated – whatever you fantasize about……

This is an unique chance to express and live out the hottest sexual fantasies.


Please send us a message if you would like to receive further information or book us.


"We attended your fantastic lecture twice this week (because it was that good)! Your lovely personality, knowledge + care for others is both beautiful and sexy… Really nicely done. Your techniques were immensely helpful to us. So again we wanted to say Thank You for sharing your passion with us (and hundreds of others) on this trip.


"They conducted a seminar that filled the room to capacity (150pax) and was the highlight of many guest’s cruise. They were witty, informative, and downright sexy.


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