Desire Greek Island Sep 2020

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Desire Greek Cruise September 2020

26. September - 3. October 2020


Desire Greek Cruise September 2020

26. September - 3. October 2020   \\  Full ship takeover   \\  345 couples

Join us aboard Desire’s sensual sanctuary at sea.

This exotic journey, based on couple’s chemistry and elusive electricity, will be shrouded in mystery. Love and lust are basic human emotions, natural animal instincts, which have long been reflected through ancient mythology. Throughout the ages, writings depict numerous Greek and Roman Gods & Goddesses to be associated with love, lust, and sexuality.

It is for this reason Desire has carefully selected this extraordinary itinerary and combined it with provocative luxury and sensual amenities for the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism. Join other like-minded couples on a journey of sensual experiences that will enrich your imagination, bringing your fantasies to life at sea.


Ship Details

Occupancy: 690

Of­ficers and Crew: 408

Guest Decks: Eight

Exclusive Staterooms & Suites

6 Distinctive Dining Options

2 Specialty Restaurants

Bars, Lounges & Gathering Spots


Provocative Entertainment

Spa, Salon & Fitness Center

Onboard Shopping



8 days - 7 nights

This voyage, departing and culminating in Athens, Greece, will stop in several breathtaking ports along the Mediterranean coasts of both Greece (Mykonos / Santorini) & Turkey (Kusadasi / Marmaris).

Cabin types & rates

Choose the cabin type that suits you.

Theme Nights

The themes have not been announced yet for this cruise but once they are we will be sure to post them.

Booking information

There are 2 ways to book your cruise: online using the interactive booking system by clicking here or send an e-mail to

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