Danish Sex educators.

We are Katrine and Claus from Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have extensive experience in the lifestyle and  have a passion for exploring the alternative Lifestyle. More than a decade ago we went on our first Lifestyle/Swinger Cruise.

We have education within Tantra, Full Body Energy Orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation, Sexual Deconditioning, Japanese Bondage and BDSM.

We host sex-educational Workshops / PlayShops on Lifestyle Cruises, Resorts/Hotels, Clubs, Retreats and in private settings.

We are sexy, fun, outspoken and charming.


During the Workshops and Retreats we create an educational, playful, fun and sexy space for the participants.

If you would like us to host a PlayShop, a week-end or a full 5 day retreat at your place, send us a mail and we can have a dialouge about what will suit you.