Danish Intimacy Experts

About Us

We are Katrine and Claus from Copenhagen, Denmark, passionate about exploring the alternative Lifestyle. With over a decade of experience in the field, we bring a unique blend of expertise to help individuals and couples discover new dimensions of intimacy.

Our Background 

Our journey has led us to explore various aspects of sensuality and intimacy. Our training encompasses Tantra, Full Body Energy Orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation, Sexual Deconditioning, Japanese Bondage, Couples Intimacy, and practices associated with alternative sensuality. Additionally, Katrine holds qualifications as an Integral Life Coach and Psychotherapist.

Our Approach

During our workshops and retreats, we create an educational, playful, fun, and intimate atmosphere for participants. We believe that exploring sensuality as a couple should be a joyful and transformative experience.


We host educational Workshops/PlayShops in diverse settings, including Lifestyle Cruises, Resorts/Hotels, Clubs, Retreats, and private settings. Whether you're interested in a PlayShop, a weekend event, or a full 5-day retreat, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

Private Sessions

We also offer private sessions tailored for individuals and couples. Katrine provide counselling and coaching, while Claus provide coaching and pleasure guidance.

Topics may include How to navigate the lifestyle, Opening up your relationship, Relationships challenges, Women in Lifestyle, How to stay in your masculine, Dominance & Submission, or Enhancing pleasure in your sex life.

If you're curious or wish to book a 30-minute free introduction session,
do nothesitate to reach out to us at info@passionatelifestyletravel.com.

Contact Us

If you're interested in having us host an event at your location or want to learn more about our services and private sessions, please reach out to us via email info@passionatelifestyletravel.com. We'd love to have a dialogue with you.

We are passionate, fun, outspoken, and charming, and we look forward to helping you explore the exciting world of intimacy and sensuality.

What Others Say:

“Meeting Claus and Katrine turned out to be a Serendipitous stroke of luck, and I am immensely grateful for the journey they led us on.”

"You taught us all to trust more, love more, be bold, be daring, be vulnerable."

"There are so many wonderful things about Katrine and Claus!

They are just warm and caring people whose concern for safety and comfort is paramount. They truly understand the challenges that can happen in the lifestyle and share advice that not only makes sense, but truly helps. I am still benefiting from their wisdom. I cannot recommend this team enough."